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Best workout partner ever!!

I love this app so much. I just plug in my headphones and hit the gym. My trainer gave me exercises on this when I first started with him, but now I add my own. Please don’t ever stop updating this!!! I’d be lost without this!

Unable to set time

It was a great product until the latest update. Cannot use at the moment


This version crashes frequently. The ability to import and export timers seems to have gone away. Trying to access the timer exchange results in an instant crash.

7.3 Broken

I cannot modify interval times since last update. When you save the time it replaces it with 521263:42:28 as the time no matter what I set. Before this, it was a great app. Please fix

After update 7.3 not able set or change time intervals.

The app is useless now. No times can be set or updated.

used to love ultratimer

About a week ago the start button disappeard from my app! I can see all of my timers but I cannot use any of them. Without support and no start button, this app is useless.

Even worse than before...

Doesn't crash now but you can't rename any existing interval nor name a new interval. All you get is a non-responsive white dialogue box. Basically, the app is non-functional.

Bug fixes created another bug

Crashing is fixed but now I cannot name or rename any of my timers or groups. When I click on them I see the naming dialogue box briefly then it becomes a white outline box. Please fix is so it can work again.

App Crashes Constantly

The app is virtually useless. Every attempt to alter a timer results in a crash. Every attempt to delete, copy, paste, etc causes a crash. Awful. Moving on to something else. Will not use "plain and simple software" app developers in the future. Terrible.

Used to be good.......

This app was, I repeat, was the best timer app out there, now unless you are running iOS 8 or newer (iPhone 5 and up) its absolutely useless and the developers haven't done anything as you can see from the reviews. It will just crash over and over and over.......

Not the app it was

The retro digital digits ruin the apps class. Either take it back to the older digit display or give the user an option for the visual display. Other reviews posted are factual concerning the apps downgraded new features. A class app has been demeaned with inferior upgrades. Not a wise choice on the designers part. Sometimes you have to learn to leave well enough alone at the visual level and just refine the underlying code.

Lost perfection with update

I used to love this app. The update robbed me of perfection. The title of my set gave me my sequence order. Now instead of my title, when the timer chimes it just says "new interval". Duh. The chime tells me that. You took away my cheat sheet when you took away my titles. Why?

Constant crashing.

Tap copy =crash. Tap paste=crash. This app used to work just fine, now it’s unusable. Moving on.

please fix the bugs

I'm a trainer and group fitness instructor and in the past has been great! since the update it's been crashing...and can't share timers anymore because it crashes HOPEFULLY THEY WILL FIX THE BUGS SOON

Version 7 is a disaster

Tap copy, it crashes. Tap paste, it crashes. Tap add, it crashes. Tap delete, it crashes. See a pattern here? I've been using this app for a long time. This update makes me want to find an alternative.

Ultra timer

Malísima actualización


Please, folks, fix this app. The current update is very buggy and should not be out there. I use a 4s running IOS 8 and had no troubles with the app until this update. Also, if you can add an easy to access screen lock, I would love that feature. For now, the app is really unreliable. Examples: there is no way to exit the help section; the app started a timer when opened; sometimes buttons work, sometimes they don't.

This update is horrible so far.

I installed this app on my old iPod touch 4 running the latest IOS 6 to see if it worked with voiceover. It just crashes when I try to run it, I’m taken back to the screen I was on. I don’t want to update it on the device I use it on that is running IOS 8.1.2 because I’m not sure it will work there either and I don’t want to be without the program for an extended period of time. I’m getting a third device I’ll install it there and see about updating this review. Ill also update it if they come out with another update that works.

Needs help onIOS8

Worked great until IOS8. It's hard to enter new times with IOS8 keyboard changes :/ Please fix

The app crashes.

I have been using the application for about two weeks to time runs and intervals. It crashed (or reset) 5 out of 10 times. I will delete the app and find something else.


Haven't been able to successfully use the app without crashing. Reviews read as it crash bug was fixed well, it's not as of 6/1/12.

Needs update fix.....and they did it!

It's fixed and back to a fantastic app, thanks for checking the reviews and following up developers ......issue that's fixed was.......Was a great app. Can't create a group timer with new update. Wait till they fix it......It's fixed as of May 12


From 5 to 1 star after upgrade alert sounds now don't work if mute on. Can longer move to Pandora or other app with out sound alerts disabling. Can no longer turn off screen without sound alerts disabling. Try leaving the screen on in your pocket. Upgrade makes this app virtually useless.


Recent update makes the app crash silently or not generate the sound when the timer expires.

Exactly what I needed

An interval timer app that lets you record your own prompts and then you can transfer between iOS devices to avoid reentry of data. Superb.

Excellent CrossFit Timer

Great app! Works well on both iPhone and iPad. Might want HD version for iPad. 100% satisfied. Only timer I could find that would easily let me set up Tabata Something Else and other multi interval workouts.

Great Timers & Responsive Developers

I've tried at least 14 timer apps. Some were confusing, some impossible. This timer is easy to customize . Create your own workouts, name your own intervals put in your own picture and music or use their presets. A while ago there was an update that created problems with their other app Ultra timer . I contacted the developers and i shopped for another app but they resolved the issue AND upgraded my app for free to Ultra Trainer. Both timers are Great! Now that's Customer Service.

would not buy it if there had been a 30 day demo.

Use this app on Sunday for intervals while running a 1/2 marathon. After about 20 minutes, it sounded like the timer had started a second time, I kept hearing a second tone about 10 seconds after the first. After about an hour, it stopped completely. When it does run properly, the display does not shut off, nor can it be shut off via any settings, draining the battery. Overall, the more I use it, the more I think I wasted $2.

Volume problems

Version 5.3 has an issue where when you select "Fade music" for the interval beeps, after a few songs it will fade the music down for the rest of the program and you can barely hear anything. I reported this long ago, as have others in the reviews. Why no fix? I have to try to remember to manually select "no change", but then the beeps are over the volume and it sounds bad. Further, it will not default to this and you have to reselect this choice every time.

Rave Review - Long Overdue

I have nothing but praise for the application and the support provided. Everything I have asked for and more has been added or corrected. My current workout program (RMAX Tacfit) cycles through various timing scenarios and this timer fits the bill perfectly. I added an external speaker to allow a group to workout together. So my next request is to be able to select various warning points (midpoint, 10 sec remaining, etc) within an interval. Thanks for a great product. May be the best $2 I ever spent.

Audio volume ducks and doesn't resume

A problem has recently developed wherein the application ducks the music volume for the ending sound of a set, but does not bring it back up to normal after the sound. I have to shut the app down to get normal volume again.

Great App--Works as Advertised

In searching for a good, programable interval timer, I downloaded (and paid for!) a couple of so-so apps before I came across this one, which absolutely blows the others out of the water. It's completely programable, intuitive and--unlike the others I came across--provides real support and instructions. Creating and editing sessions is a breeze, and the interface is clean and, as far as I can tell, bug free. Seriously, drop the $1.99, program it to do what you want, and get down to business.

Great app!

Fantastic App! Does exactly what I need it todo. This is way more configurable than the others I've seen. Imho, this beats the others - no question. For those hunting around for an app that you can configure to your needs, rather than adapting to someone else's workout schedule- start looking at this app first. I wish I had. A couple suggestions: 1) Give an option to start a specified iPod playlist with each timer or interval, or just continue with the currently playing playlist, or no music. I like to randomize the songs to avoid monotony, but my warmup music isn't what I want for my training music. This will allow for quiet time during break intervals too. 2) Choose interval warning sounds from iPod songs so I can make/import my own clean mp3's and use them for transition sounds. 3) The fade out/pause music doesn't seem to work very well for me, so it's hard to tell if you support fade out when using Pandora as well. Maybe that needs a second look. Anyway, these are my top three sugguestions. This is a great app already- I'm looking forward to what you have planned for the future. Well done!

New version works great - an essential app for me

I've used UltraTimer since it first came out and love it even though I prefer some of the older versions with easier volumn adjustments and fewer sounds to choose from. Thanks for all the updates and a great product.

Please Fix!!!

Loved this app until it randomly stopped playing sounds. Won't even use it now. Please fix ASAP.

Also have problem with sound!!

As the other reviews mentioned my sound stops working - about 25 minutes or so into my workout. I normally play music on it at the same time. Music continues to play but buzzers don't work. Used to be my all-time favorite app - now I have gone back to using my large boxing timer for the interval portion of my workout.

Sound does not work - neither does customer service

Ultratimer sounds stop announcements mid session rendering use of this product frustrating and maddening. You are left in the middle of a workout session NOT knowing what to do next without constantly watching the timer display. I find this product then useless. It seemed to BREAK in 5.2 release. What is even more maddening is CUstomer Service has not acknowledged the previous 'sound stopping' complaints and issued either a) an option to download previous release OR b) state intended direction to fix. Instead ONE is left wondering if this product is of any use. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION..... beware of ANY 'Plain and Simple' software products based on customer service response. It really isn't that hard to perform good customer service.


SO HAPPY over the program fixes! Now I'm totally happy with this timer. Its great for creating my own personalized time intervals. Helps me speed through my workout.

It was great....until the sound stopped working

I'm with everyone else.... I loved this app until the sound stopped working (after the last upgrade?). Fix it back and I will happily give you five. Thanks! Gila

Very good, but...

(v5.2) I like using this tool for my workouts and my clients'. However, the sound goes out after a while. Please fix this bug so that I can five you 5 deserving stars!!!

Why does the sound stop working

This app is awesome and totally worth the price. However, why does the sound stop working after a while. Its really annoying when your relying on the sound to tell you to stop or start. Awesome app but please fix this problem and I can give it 5 stars.

It's not bad

I like the app. I'd give it 5 stars, however not being able to create your own categories is miss and it's pretty fustrating when your sounds stop working, especially when your in a plank and not looking at the screen. Overall, it's not bad.

Tkd Instructor

This was one of my most used app's. Since i upgraded to 5.0, the app will not open. I lost all 20 of my workouts. I deleted it reloaded it everything. All together I spent 4 hrs trying to recreate just one of my workouts and all it does is crash. Please get this fixed ASAP!!

Buggy buggy buggy

This was my most used app. Since I upgraded to 5.0, the app will not open. I lost all my workouts. Spent two hours recreating the workouts, but now it crashes all the time. How could you release this garbage? The development team should be fired!!!


A lot of bugs. Doesn't keep consistent intervals. The work/rest intervals periodically flip-flop, so you can't do a full workout as you designed it without things screwing up.


Needs a stopwatch with a delayed timer. Maybe with audible start and stop.

I like it.

Thus is a very flexible tool for setting up intervals. I wish it had a click sound for the seconds. Some exercise actions are best done with a click track to help time the motion.

Mostly good

I wanted an app to time an exercise routine. This is the one I ended up using. But does not run in background for me. And would prefer a grid interface to see more data at once.

Great app

I love this app - I use it everyday. No other timer in the app store comes close.

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