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App crashes too often and deletes custommer workouts

This timer helps to time my Pilates exercises. While the programme has almost all features you could wish like timing eache exercise with a distinct length, record own starting announcements for each exercise there are some things which I miss: 1. It would be great while you are running time programme that you could see in one interval allready the next upcoming interval (as a kind of preparation) 2. Sometimes you are in a hurry and you want to sikp one or two intervals. Unfortunately the UltraTimer does not allow this. 3. It took quite a while to programme my Pilates timer, so I would like to share it with friends but UltraTimer has no feature to allow this. 4. While recording anouncements is great it would be handy if you would need not name them all individually but that UltraTimer takes the name of the interval as standard and you could choose to name it differently Some negatives: Although ultratimer claims to listen to customers, email-contact with them was unsatisfying eg they often do not answer. They also do not continously work to make their product better hence they have not updated the programme for a long-time. And unfortunately absolute no goes: Not only does the app crashes quite often. It also deletes the individual workouts you have programmed in every now and then. Sorry but there is only one word for this: not usable

useful though could be more convenient

I use this for work time management most days and for workouts often. I am satisfied with the creation and timer running aspects. I wish Ultratimer defaulted to a most used timers list, as I have to navigate much more than is in any way justified.

Custom timers dont save

This app is great and fits my needs perfectly only it doesnt save the timers I create, which I spent lots of time on putting together. When you leave the app and go into something else and come back to it it goes back to default with only the example timers available and my custom timers are gone. This would be a 4-5 star review if not for this problem.

Ultra Timer - Solid Performer

This program works exactly as described. Good updates. Workout with visual or audio cues. Use installed sounds or record your own. Setup your program, Start UT, lock the screen and get busy. No cheating with this program, it helps keep your comlpiance in check. Work hard. Hope this helps. I use it almost everyday.

Perfect timer

This makes it easy to have interval training with repeated intervals or very complex list of intervals. The alarms are audible over music and the choices of colors and picture backgrounds are very helpful. I love the spoken alarms! All in all, everything one needs in a timer, even a delay function!!!


Great product. It would be handy to have a built in "pause" or break you could add without having to make an interval but thats minor.

The Best Timer

With the ability of making you own timers and your own programs makes this the best timer ever. Real timers cost over $150 - $300

Music Freeze

Best timer App concept , easy to set up, BUT music freezes during intervals . Not cool when your in the middle of teaching a fitness class and your well planned music freezes.

My favorite work out app!

Hands down the best for doing at home cardio circuits!

Absolutely Fantastic... Love It

I only bought this App today and its fantastic! My kids and I wanted to increase our Suppleness so at the moment weve primarily used it for a stretch routine, and its Great, as Ive set up a transition time between each exercise and used the count down as a leg or arm swap. If you want to programme your workout, and not look at a scrap of paper and cant remember what youre going to do next or not Cheat, then this is so amazing, I think Im now going to programme a routine for me. I also like how you can add your "timers" together, so you can mix and match your workouts, Super!


The app is unstable, and it crashes consistently and unpredictably. Ive had a workout in which it crashed 3 times, even while sprinting! So frustrating!

Great app

I just used it once, works great. I programed a few timers, very easy to use. Its got all the option I need

Current version DOES NOT ADDRESS ALL BUGS mentioned in reviews

Still crashes...was working fine until I tried to expand my 80ish interval lonf workout into interval sets above 90 or 100 intervals in length and now I can no longer use the app...I try to type the exercise name and the screen goes screwy...also goes screwy for setting sound to start interval...was fine before...now is unusable...please fix...I cant even restart a new timer from scratch now...seems permanently screwed up with the 2 above mentioned issues. 3 stars for how good it was... Minus the 2 stars for not being able to work longer than a day.

Great Running App

This is a great app for interval running.

Im glad I invested the money

Wow! Just perfect. I entered 11 complicated timing sequences easy peasy this morning, and in operation the timer integrates beautifully with music, can vibrate, has an easy to read collie coded display, etc. -- it even lets you export your timer setup data (and import backups), and even record your own sound if you like. Heck, you can share, download, or both timers from the community. I LOVE this app (however, if you want, check out their "UltraTrainer" app which does everything this does, plus give you the option of some randomized inputs as well: Simply astonishingly well-thought out software!

Crashes on category select

I have been a long time ultratimer user and have found this to be the best interval timer for my needs. I havent used the app in a quite a few months and recently got back into fitness only to find the app crashes on selection of any category on Ios 7/ iPhone 4. This is a show stopper. P&S Software please fix.

Sound issues

Since the ios 9 update, i have problems with the sound. When i use a single interval, the ending sound is not playing. I checked the sound level of my phone and its ok. Please check this bug !!!

Impressive little app!

It pretty much takes care of all timing needs, and my only wish is that the singing bowls for meditation sounded a bit more natural, as in they were more drawn out like they would be in a meditation hall.

it still needs work

It would be better if it didnt pause whenever I turn off the screen. Also if it has some more less annoying alarm options, that would be nice.

Very Good

I love how you can have music play in the background and when an alarm plays the music gets quiet so you can hear the alarm. Also love the ability to add your own sounds for alerts. GREAT program for $1.99. Only wish I could play it on an iPod and save my phones battery.

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